Local 3906

Recent News

It has been a slow day today at the bargaining table. Throughout the bargaining process, many issues have been discussed. Yesterday we bargained through the night and concluded this morning around 4:00 A.M. After a few hours of sleep, our bargaining team has spent the day reviewing the various sections of the benefits package. We understand the importance of distributing the details as soon as possible but we need to ensure that all of the issues discussed are properly documented.

District 3 leadership has made movement with the company, we have agreed to return to work at 12 p.m today. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we have shown the company we stand strong and will accpect nothing less than a fair contract. WE ARE UNION STRONG!

Today we were able to have some constructive dialogue with AT&T.Yesterday we all worked late into the night and we are prepared tosettle negotiations. We plan to meet with the company again thisevening. If the company is serious, we could settle the contracttonight. We will find out later tonight if they are able to make a deal or not. We cannot express how much we appreciate all that has takenplace across the District.